A survey conducted in the early 1980’s showed that an important number of women and men workers from the CSN private sector had no pension plan.

At its 1984 convention, the CSN proposed the idea of creating a group RRSP for its members, and Bâtirente was finally born in 1987. The CSN wanted the retirement system that was being created at its initiative to be built around an associative structure, as a kind of federation of all group RRSPs to be established by its labour unions from all sectors and all federations of the CSN. This interunion and intersector solidarity that forms the basis of Bâtirente has been fruitful.

Bâtirente progressed so well that it became over time a true retirement system that includes over 300 labour union groups and their 20,000 members. It now incorporates a complete set of accumulation plans for our active members–in which simplified pension plans are about to supersede group RRSPs–retirement income plans to which our retired members are increasingly adhering, a platform of eleven investment funds, of which five are diversified funds providing graduated risk profiles, as well as guaranteed investments for members less tolerant to short-term financial risks.Bâtirente also offers a turnkey investment strategy called Trajectory that proposes three investment paths to suit the needs of various investor profiles.