30 years of history

On September 23, 1987, the CSN launched the Bâtirente collective RRSP, the first milestone in what would become a comprehensive pension system serving more than 300 unions and 21,000 members as we know it today.

  • 1984
    Resolution of the 52nd CSN Convention that would give birth to Bâtirente.
  • 1987
    Launch of the the Bâtirente group RRSP. Left to right: Léopold Beaulieu and Gérald Larose, then respectively Treasurer and President of the CSN.
  • 1987
    The first Comité syndical national de retraite. Left to right: François Grondin, Hôtel Bonaventure, Mario Dokianakis, Grand Hôtel, Daniel Simard, FEESP-CSN salaried employee, Gérald Larose, CSN President, Réal Picard, Aciers Atlas, Pierre Giordani, Hôtel Place Dupuis, Léopold Beaulieu, CSN Treasurer, Claude Rioux, FTPF-CSN salaried employee, and Jacques Allard, Syndicat du transport de Montréal.
  • 1987
    The Syndicat national des produits chimiques de Valleyfield (Expro), was the very first group to establish a Bâtirente retirement plan. On the picture: Marc Laviolette, president of the union at the time.
  • 1988
    First Bâtirente general meeting on the occasion of the 54th CSN Convention. Left to right: Jacques Allard, Léopold Beaulieu, Jean-Claude Tremblay from SSQ and Claude Rioux.
  • 2005
    Bâtirente was one of the first Québec retirement plans to incorporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria to their investment policies with its Statement on Principles and Procedures for Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance and the Guidelines on Extrafinancial Risks Management.
  • 2006
    Along with 24 of the largest institutional investors in the world, Bâtirente becomes a signatory to the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI). Left to right: Daniel Simard, Bâtirente’s Chief Executive Officer, and Kofi Annan, then UN Secretary-General, at the launching ceremony held at the New York Stock Exchange.
  • 2011
    Implementation of new tools intended for its members: Trajectory, a turnkey investment strategy, and Plannuity, a 3-step retirement preparation support service.
  • 2013
    Bâtirente was one of the instigators of the Québec Network of PRI Signatories launched at the Colloque québécois sur l’investissement responsible held in Montréal in 2013.
  • 2017
    Bâtirente highlights its 30th anniversary with a revamped brand image, as solid as ever yet more refined and modern.