Montréal Carbon Pledge

December 9, 2015

The severity of the climate change predicted by science, if no action or insufficient action is taken, combined with the duty of all institutional investors to prevent the manifestation of the material risks that will affect their capacity to provide their beneficiaries with the long-term returns they need for a successful retirement, require us to notch up our efforts to mitigate climate risk.

This is why Bâtirente signed the Montréal Carbon Pledge (MCP) (Engagement de Montréal sur le carbone) upon its inception in September 2014. The now proven success of this PRI initiative sends to the governments of the world currently meeting at the Paris COP21 Conference a clear message that global institutional finance is now mature enough to take action and join the historical fight against climate change. 

Up to date, over 120 investment institutions totaling assets under management worth over US$10 trillion have subscribed to the Pledge.

The message also shows markets that institutional investors are taking a turn that will lead them to reassess the way in which they allocate their capital. Corporate actors must also take cognizance of the risk of seeing their financing sources progressively running dry if they do not deliver what is expected of them.

As management science tells us: “If you can measure it, you can manage it.” Thus, by measuring the carbon footprint of its portfolios, Bâtirente is completing the first step in the process that will eventually allow it to manage its share of climate change factors. Furthermore, committing to the annual disclosure of the carbon footprint of its portfolios means that Bâtirente, like the many other signatories to the MCP, is bound to explain how its footprint evolves in the future.

Click here to read the report on Bâtirente investment portfolios carbon footprint.